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Like 83% of Denver voters, you probably agree that animals under human care should not be subjected to violence or harm. You probably also know that our food and clothing industries are built on animals suffering in factory farms and slaughterhouses… but did you know that you can help? By turning your empathy into political action, you can help society evolve together to protect animals, neighborhoods, and the planet.

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We’re a movement of voters, volunteers, and small donors. Every hour you spend or dollar you give brings us closer to passing historic laws for a better future.

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In recent years, just as meat alternatives have become widely available, more and more people are waking up to the horrors of industrial animal farming. Now, Denver voters have a chance to turn their compassion into law with two historic ballot measures.


Leave Slaughter Behind

Slaughterhouses inflict immense harm to our communities, the environment, and most importantly, to the animals.

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Leave Fur Behind

It’s Denver’s turn to take a stand against unnecessary animal cruelty by joining a wave of cities and states banning fur.

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